What is carbonized wood?-carbonized wood process
30 July 04

Fourth, carbonized wood process

The carbonization process of carbonized wood is divided into the following three processes:

Step one: warming, high temperature pit

Heating and heating, the kiln temperature rose rapidly to 100 °C. Then, when the temperature rose to 130°C and remained stable, the wood kiln began to dry and the water content almost dropped to zero.

Step two: heat treatment

Once the kiln starts, the temperature inside the kiln is raised to between 185°C and 215°C. According to the last use of charcoal wood, this temperature will last 2-3 hours.

Step 3: Air Conditioning and Humidity Adjustment

The final stage is to use a water spray system to cool down; when the temperature drops to 80-90°C, humidification is resumed again to bring the moisture content of the wood to a usable level of 4-7%.