What is carbonized wood?- the type of carbonized wood
30 July 04

Third, the type of carbonized wood

1, according to the use of the environment

According to the use of the environment is divided into outdoor-grade carbonized wood and indoor-grade carbonized wood.

2. Press function

According to the use of functions, it is used to decorate charred wood and structural charcoal wood.

3, according to the degree of carbonization

The surface of the charred wood is roasted with an oxygen torch, so that the surface of the wood has a thin layer of carbonized layer. The change of wood properties can be compared to the paint of wood, but it can highlight the surface of the uneven wood grain, resulting in a three-dimensional effect. Applications focus on crafts, decoration materials and aquarium products. Also known as craft charcoal wood, charcoal wood.

Deeply charred wood is also called fully charred wood and homogeneous charred wood. The wood treated with high-temperature carbonization technology at about 200 degrees Celsius, due to its nutrient component is destroyed, it has a good function of anti-corrosion and anti-insect, due to the reorganization of its absorbent functional group hemicellulose, so that the product has good physical properties, depth Carbonized wood is a true green product. Although the product has antiseptic and anti-insect properties, it does not contain any harmful substances. It not only improves the service life of the wood, but also does not process the waste during the production process and after use. , animals and the environment have any negative effects. Deep carbonized wood has nearly 10 years of experience in Europe and is the main replacement for CCA-preserved wood. Deep carbonized wood is widely used in wall panels, outdoor flooring, kitchen decoration, sauna decoration, furniture and many other aspects.