What is rubber wood? What are the advantages and disadvantages of rubber wood?
30 July 04

  Rubber wood is now one of the most commonly used materials for people's furniture. Rubber wood furniture is made of rubber wood backbone with high cost-effective furniture. The aged rubber tree can use its backbone to make furniture. The name of rubber wood is only one word away from oak, but the quality of the two is far from the quote. Next, take a look at what rubber wood is and what is the difference between rubber wood and oak.


First, what is rubber wood

  Oak is yellowish brown in colour and hard wood. The texture of the rubber wood is loose, and the quote is cheaper. China is a big country for the production of rubber, so rubber wood raw materials, domestic offer in the 2000 ~ 2300 yuan / cubic and pine made almost the same price, cheap. The spread of oak is widespread in China, from Jilin in the north to Hainan in the south.

Second, the difference between rubber wood and oak

  Although rubber wood and oak are only one word difference, their origin, quality, and quotation are far from each other. Some merchants sell rubber wood as oak, which is the act of fraudulent consumers.

  First place of origin: Rubber wood is a plant that produces rubber milk. It grows in subtropical areas such as Southeast Asia, so some people call rubber wood Thai oak and Southeast Asian oak. Oak is widely distributed in the vast regions of the Northern Hemisphere. The American Oak is also respected by the Pennsylvania Red Dragonfly (Red Oak). Its uniform texture, beautiful markings, and scratch-resistance and rub-resistance are among the best in oak and worth a lot of money.

  Say the value: rubber wood is not a valuable and scarce wood, so its shopping malls offer inexpensive, its wood growth cycle is short, the wood is alive, usually ten years will be able to become timber, and the wood material is expected to come from many sources, the quote is still more suitable for ordinary people's expenses .

  Oak is a solid wood with beautiful markings, and we often see white oak in our more commonly used wine barrels. As a result, oak furniture was privately owned by senior furniture, and the price of oak wood was 3-4 times that of rubber wood. And because the United States bundles timber exports, now China only a handful of more powerful furniture, floor production companies can produce large quantities of American oak raw materials.

Third, the advantages and disadvantages of rubber wood

  Own materials are usually attributed to common furniture. With the shortage of various high-grade wood such as solid wood, rubber wood gradually entered the vision of everyone. As a mid-range furniture, what are the advantages of rubber wood furniture?


1, rubber wood growth cycle is not long, usually ten years to become timber, timber has a wide range of origin, so the price of rubber wood furniture is not precious.

2, rubber wood furniture in the north monotonous area is not simple cracking, protection is simple.

3, rubber wood in the production of furniture in the plasticity is relatively strong, suitable for the production of soft furniture products appearance curve.

4, rubber wood solid wood feels good, the production of rubber wood furniture lines beautiful, uniform texture.

5, rubber wood light color, simple color, can withstand all types of coloring and coating, easy to color with other kinds of wood tone, paint coating performance is good.

6, rubber wood wear resistance is better, the production of furniture such as durable and durable.


Rubber wood is not simple and simple, and it is deformed by bending and bending, and the sheet metal processing is easy to deform.