What is the maintenance method of bamboo product?
30 July 04

Everybody on bamboo products already very familiar with, because everywhere in life, and the kinds of bamboo products and the design is diverse, including the schedule of every aspect of life, but how to maintenance and care of bamboo products is a lot of friends are not clear, because only the correct nursing can make bamboo radiant, prolong service life, and create more joy to your life.


The maintenance and nursing of bamboo products are carried out according to the types and characteristics of the products. There are two kinds of bamboo products used in bamboo products, which are original bamboo and bamboo. Bamboo is natural bamboo, without deep processing, such as bamboo sticks, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo slips, etc. 


And bamboo bamboo integrated timber is made their first bamboo cane, about two meters long to deal with the green to yellow, fine milling, and then high temperature carbonization cooking, high pressure, then put the cane to environmental science superimposition dislocation, multi-layer composite glue, and then pressed into sheets, and then to cut flat tenon and sanding process, together with more than 30 of the process, made the board that is similar to real wood refers to the joint plate, are all solid bamboo structure, peach blossom river bamboo integrated timber industry is China's largest production enterprises, is China's actual strength most abundant bamboo raw materials suppliers.


Using the original bamboo and bamboo products, maintenance method is to place it in a cool and dry ventilated place, do not bubble water, not in the sun insolates, good insect-resistant mouldproof processing at the same time, everyday use wet cloth to wipe. For bamboo products made of bamboo, it needs to be well painted to keep the moisture content stable, and the product has the characteristics of not cracking, not deforming, moth-proofing, waterproof and moisture-proof.