What is the strategy for the transformation and development of bamboo products enterprises?
30 July 04

Experts explained that at present China's bamboo products can be roughly divided into bamboo flooring, bamboo furniture, bamboo construction, bamboo daily necessities, bamboo fiber and bamboo charcoal, and so on. If counted up to nearly ten thousand, and the application is very extensive. Many bamboo enterprises want to make a transition, but they do not know how to start. Here we look at the expert's development strategy for bamboo enterprise transformation.

The State Forestry Industry Promotion Plan 2012 promulgated by the government proposes that 100 key national forestry leading enterprises and 10 special industrial clusters will be supported within three years, and the total output value of the forestry industry will maintain a growth rate of around 12% per year.

Take Hunan as an example: According to the blueprint drawn by Hunan, by 2015, the province will have 15 million acres of forest bamboo, focusing on cultivating a group of leading enterprises and famous brands, so that the province's total bamboo industry output value will reach more than 20 billion yuan.

At present, the domestic bamboo products industry is still in the early stage of development, and the brand and consumer market are far from mature. There are still problems such as small scale, scattered distribution, low management level, low material utilization rate, weak brand awareness, lack of product design talents, etc., leading to extremely irregular market development and reducing the competitiveness of the entire industry. World bamboo industry to see China, bamboo products companies should establish strategic alliances to increase market competitiveness, I believe that China's bamboo products will soon be popular in the world!

If bamboo enterprise enterprises want to achieve greater development, they must do the following three tasks:

First, attach importance to product innovation and enrich the product camp

Since bamboo products are widely used in the market, bamboo products enterprises can not be limited to the production of a single variety of bamboo products, they should actively innovate product categories, from the traditional bamboo shoot food, bamboo daily necessities to the emerging bamboo crafts, bamboo flooring, bamboo fiber, bamboo Chemical supplies, then all bamboo home, continue to meet market demand.

Second, attach importance to brand building and establish a strong brand

The brand strategy is the key to the modern enterprise to win the competition. In order to get rid of the current chaotic market, bamboo products enterprises must establish a big brand with the ability to guide the market. Through a reasonable industrial layout, superior product line, excellent planning and marketing, and large-scale external promotion, build an outstanding brand in the domestic bamboo products industry!

Third, attach importance to the construction of access roads and improve sales channels

With good products, how to choose the right platform to release new products has become a key step for bamboo products companies to carry out marketing. Industry exhibitions, e-commerce, etc. provide a wide range of platforms for business investment promotion, brand promotion, and image display, and are increasingly favored by companies.