What kind of Knife Block Stand Holder material is good for cutting board
30 July 04

Use Knife Block Stand Holder to hold the knithen utensil,one the one hand can make the kithen clear and beautiful,on the another hand which is more safe than put the utensil on the wall

Knife Block Stand Holder

The use of wood and bamboo material of the anvil plate with the original ecological materials, without chemical processing, non-toxic harmless, the best environmental protection. Wood bamboo material durable, not afraid of high temperature deformation, and its natural texture is very beautiful, full of pastoral atmosphere, can be integrated with the furniture decoration. But the wood bamboo material because of their material properties, in the course of the use of special attention to dehumidification and ventilation, otherwise it is easy to mold point. If the occurrence of mildew point of the situation, do not use a knife to scratch point, use white vinegar to clean. Usually use can wipe the edible oil for maintenance, can increase the service life.

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