What kind of cutting board is the real king of cutting board
30 July 04

The cutting board is something that people use every day. The ease of use of a cutting board is related to the good or bad food of the family. Why do you say that? Cooking a dish is a tedious task. At this time, tools are on hand. It is particularly important to use it smoothly. What's the difference between a chopping board and a good one?


The plastic cutting board is too hard, and it hurts the hand. After chemical processing, it is not environmentally friendly, and it cannot be cheekbones. Excessively detached residues can also damage health. The splicing type cutting board has Many gaps and gaps are glued, but compared to splicing, the entire bamboo material will be healthier, because the whole bamboo spread out, there is no need for glue, and it is obvious that whether the bamboo cutting board is a whole bamboo or not. The point is that the bamboo section on the cutting board is an entire one. This kind of cutting board is made by direct spreading of big bamboo.

Bamboo material is not easy to breed bacteria, generally easy to absorb water, oil, dirt and bacteria on the wooden, and bamboo cutting board can not crumbs, bacteria will not be stained on the dish. In addition, the bamboo cutting board also has the advantages of wear-resistance, not easy to mold cracking, in addition, when you receive a faint smell of bamboo, your mood will be very good.

For the first time use, it is recommended that you first disinfect and wash, rinse the water with dust, apply the food oil on both sides and the periphery of the bamboo cutting board, and wait until the oil is dry and then apply it. Apply it three or four times. After use, it needs to be wiped and ventilated upright to avoid direct sunlight. Due to the different humidity levels in the north and south, the cutting boards must be kept to a certain degree of moisture when used in the north to avoid cracking. In the south, they must be kept dry to avoid moulds. If the cutting board has been treated with oil-heavy foods, use a small amount of detergent to scrub with hot water. If fish smells or other odors are heard from the chopping board, you can clean it with lemon and coarse salt. In the end, try to avoid raw foods and cooked foods when they are used, so as to avoid cross breeding of food bacteria.