What kind of material Chopping board is better ,classification introduction
30 July 04

bamboo chopping board.jpg

Bamboo chopping board

Qualified bamboo cutting board should be made of natural plants, the material is more solid and not easy to crack or dregs, dirt is not easy to be stuffed in the gap, slightly lighter than the wood, not easy to counterfeit, the quality is relatively stable, cleaner, more clean Convenience. Because bamboo cutting board easy to dry, not moldy, smelly, is a good choice. The fly in the ointment is that the bamboo cutting board due to the thickness is not enough, mostly spliced, can not withstand the use of heavy blows, it is best used to cut vegetables or fruits, chopped meat is not suitable.

wood chopping board.jpg

Wooden chopping board

Natural materials, relatively healthy, high density, toughness, the use of very solid, more suitable for chopping meat or cut some hard food. A wide range of: camphor, oak, iron wood, cypress, poplar, ginkgo and so on. However, the long-term use of wooden chopping board easy to crack, may produce wood residue, need regular maintenance. Some wooden chopping boards (such as ebony wood) contain toxic substances and smell. Using them to cut vegetables can pollute the dishes and cause vomiting, abdominal pain and dizziness. Surface easy to produce knife marks, cleaning is not complete, it is easy to collect dirt, breeding bacteria, food contamination. What kind of wood is good for the chopping board? For example, gingko, sago, birch or willow which are not easy to crack.

plastic chopping board.jpg

Plastic chopping board

Plastic cutting board and more polypropylene, polyethylene and other made, although the lighter weight, easy to carry, but easy to deformation, high temperature, not suitable for cutting some fat food, otherwise not good to clean. Some rough plastic cutting board, it is easy to cut out the slag, with the food into the human body, liver and kidney damage; some color deep plastic cutting board, mostly made of waste plastics, more harmful substances, some cutting board Contains lead, cadmium and other plasticizers, long-term use and even cancer risk. Therefore, the best choice of plastic chopping board color translucent, better quality, uniform color, no impurities and irritating odor plastic chopping block.

glass chopping board.jpg

Glass chopping board

The advantage of the tempered glass cutting board and the glass cutting board is that it is easy to clean. After the use, it can be rinsed directly with water and can not produce mold. The skid-proof design under the cutting board is not easy to move on the workbench. The cutting board can not seep or absorb oil, Or do the cake are good. Disadvantages are also obvious: the time when the dish is not really good sound, and even some harsh, but accustomed to just fine; start with the time not to start, always feel chopping chopping board.