What kind of shovel is suitable for non-stick pot?
30 July 04

Some friends bought a non-stick pot, fearing that using the wrong shovel will shorten the service life of the pot, so what kind of shovel won't shorten the life of the pot? Please look down if you have trouble.

A nonstick skillet with really very good very convenient, but once the use is not correct, such as cleaning method is not correct, fire is too big Metal shovel, edges and knock against, can cause damage of titanium, then returned to become, and greasy pot.


In order to make the pot use a long time, it is suggested to use silica gel shovel, the market is to have sales or use wooden spade and bamboo spade, absolutely cannot use the sharp object - shovel steel wire ball. This will destroy the life of the pot. The spade is easier to destroy the surface of the pan, and the characteristics of the non-stick pan do not exist. Still buy a bamboo shovel to stir fry, protect the pot, the service life of the pot is long, not all the pans are required to use wooden spatula. This basically see the material of pan, if coated pans, it will have to use bamboo wooden spatula, otherwise you will in the long run, of making scratch or damage the coating surface, thereby reducing the service life of pan.


In the process of non-stick frying, it is important to note that it is not possible to add cold water when the pan is hot. This is very easy to cause the coating to fall off. The newly bought non-stick pan must not be cleaned with the iron sanitary ball. When cooking, use wooden spatula to stir fry the meat. Turn the pot around so that you can burn it all around. When the oil is very hot, turn off the heat. Then repeat the above steps again. If you use it properly, you shouldn't stick to it.


Have a nonstick friend suggest you buy bamboo wooden spade, because a bamboo wooden shovel can not cost a few dollars, and buy a non-stick pot to buy how many bamboo shovel. And the bamboo shovel can prolong the life of the pot, and the bamboo itself is antibacterial and antibacterial.

However, some friends stopped because of the astringence of the new bamboo spade, and the newly purchased bamboo spade was cooked in a pot for 10 minutes, which not only disinfected and sterilized, but also did not crack easily.