What products can be made of bamboo?
30 July 04

What products can be made of bamboo?

What are the different uses of bamboo?

But the better question is: What can't be done with bamboo?

The old saying says: "A person was born in a bamboo cradle and walked in a bamboo casket."

Everything between bamboo is possible! ”

In fact, bamboos have been used to eat bamboo shoots, building, medicine, bamboo fabrics, or biofuels.


Bamboo experts have been experimenting with various uses of bamboo and are discovering new applications every day. Bamboo fibers are used in the clothing and automotive industries. Floorboards are thin, such as 0.2 mm veneer, and are just one of many examples.

The challenge we face today is to further improve and innovate the use of bamboo. Since bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the earth and a sustainable building material, it can easily replace all known wood applications without having to cut down the entire bamboo forest or plantation.

Better still, bamboo grows after harvest without having to replant. Bamboo also converts approximately 35% of the carbon dioxide into oxygen compared to ordinary trees.

The bamboo products we see on the market today are only the tip of the iceberg. We predict that more and more innovative bamboo products will quickly enter the consumer market.

Therefore, if you firmly believe that bamboo can contribute to a green and clean environment, it will be an exciting time. We cannot change the economy based on consumption, but we can definitely change the resources we use and the way we produce products!