What should be paid attention to when buying bamboo products?
30 July 04

I believe a lot of friends have some kind of furniture or equipment that is made of bamboo, and bamboo products are cheap, clean and eco-friendly and have great ability to absorb heat, but when you're shopping for bamboo, a lot of friends ask, "what kind of bamboo is more durable?"


  1. Sturdy construction and smooth surface

Check whether the looseness degree is uniform or not, and whether the bamboo strip ends are loosened or not. Observe whether bamboo surface is smooth, luster, color is consistent, whether the gap between the bamboo stick close, isometric, cracks, fracture phenomenon.


2. No moth-eaten marks.

Bamboo products are very easy to be moth-eaten, and special attention should be paid to the presence of moth-eaten marks, if they are found to have cavities and affect the fastness of bamboo strips, they cannot be purchased.


When making bamboo products, to prevent the cracking of bamboo products, a layer of varnish will be painted on the surface of bamboo products, but the reverse white billet can not be brushed with varnish, so that the humidity of bamboo products can be kept,and it won't crack. Dry ventilation is the most important thing to protect the bamboo, so keep the bamboo products in a dry place, and if it's always in the damp, dark places, it's easy to make the bamboo decay.