Which Compostable Plates Should You Choose for Your Party?-- Bamboo Disposable Plates
30 July 04

For short family dinners, picnics, parties, and essentially any outdoor event, the best alternative to conventional ceramic or glass panels is disposable tableware. They are easy to use and are convenient for these types of situations. However, some of them, such as paper or plastic plates, are produced using non-recyclable materials and are therefore harmful to the environment.

The importance of choosing biodegradable and compostable disposables

Materials such as plastics or paper are not biodegradable. When used in disposable tableware, they can have an adverse effect on the environment from the manufacturing process to the point of use and eventually disposal. In addition, the use of disposable cutlery made of these materials can affect your health and the health of your family and friends because many of them contain chemicals that can penetrate food and cause contamination.

Due to growing concerns about the environment, traditional disposable tableware is being replaced by biodegradable tableware made of materials such as bamboo, palm leaves, grass and waste obtained from sugar cane. These eco-friendly plates are rapidly biodegradable when discarded and can therefore be used as compost for growing plants.

You should use compostable utensils instead of non-degradable utensils in order to contribute your quota for the preservation of the environment. Unlike styrofoam or plastic tableware made from petroleum products or paper, compostable cutlery has enormous environmental benefits; they occupy less landfill. In addition, you do not have to wash dishes because they are disposable and you will do something good for the environment.


Bamboo Disposable Plates

Bamboo grows very fast and degrades within six months, making it an excellent choice for making disposable dishes. The process of making bamboo disposable dishes involves cleaning bamboo sleeves, boiling them with environmentally friendly glue, pressing them together and bonding them together. After use, the plates can be added to the compost heap and biodegraded in up to 4 months or 6 months.

What is suitable for bamboo?

This disposable dish can be used for outdoor activities such as leisure garden weddings, pool/garden hen parties, meetings, picnics, birthdays, barbecues, fast food and almost any occasion.

They look better, are more durable than cheap plastic or paper cutlery, can be used for any occasion where you don't want to use ordinary ceramic plates, but still need a beautiful environment.

They are suitable for a variety of foods, including oily foods, salads, fruits, cheese, biscuits, quiches, sandwiches, and vegetables.

They are not like the usual rigid boards, which makes them suitable for non-seat dinners. You can also use the knife and fork on these sturdy plates.

They come in different sizes; larger ones can be used for full meals, while smaller sizes are suitable for side dishes and appetizers.

Other benefits of using disposable bamboo plates

Unlike cardboard, bamboo plates can be used for wet, heavy or hot foods because they are tougher and can withstand greater amounts.

Bamboo panels are beautiful, attractive and fashionable to use, and unlike plastic and paper disposables, they can complement any type of decoration.

In addition, the bamboo boards have natural antibacterial properties and do not contain any chemical substances because they are naturally produced and can therefore be immersed in food when consumed, rather than being contaminated with chemicals as in plastic dishes.