Which is better for the Whole bamboo cutting board and splice bamboo cutting board?
30 July 04

We are all familiar with the chopping board and we can't live without it every day. There are many types of chopping boards currently on the market, such as plastic chopping boards, wooden chopping boards and bamboo chopping boards. Bamboo cutting boards are popular with consumers because of their advantages of hard wear, easy cracking, light hygiene, etc. Which one is better for the whole piece of bamboo? What are the precautions for using the cutting board? Let's take a look.


Which is better for the Whole bamboo cutting board and splice bamboo cutting board?

 Usually when we buy bamboo cutting board, do not buy the kind of color white, first smell the smell of the cutting board, if there is a taste of sour acid, it may be fumigated with sulphur, or bonded, The adhesive glue contains harmful substances. You can choose to glue without glue, that is, take the bamboo cutting board assembled with vertical and horizontal sections.

 Which bamboo bamboo is better? Which is not a fixed answer, the key is to look at personal preferences and habits, bamboo cutting board by high temperature and pressure treatment, with no cracking, deformation, wear, hardness, good toughness, etc., It is light, hygienic, and smells fresh. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, bamboo is light and cold and has a certain degree of inhibition of bacterial reproduction. Therefore, when cutting cooked food, bamboo cutting board is an ideal choice.

The price of bamboo chopping board is about tens of yuan. Generally, the upper quality bamboo cutting board can be purchased for forty or fifty yuan. However, some bamboo chopping boards can be purchased for twenty or thirty yuan.