White vinegar can remove odor of bamboo cutting board
30 July 04


The cutting board manufacturer says that white vinegar is the oldest cleaner used by housewives. It is not only easy to reach and very cheap, but it also has good bactericidal and anti-mildew effects.

     According to reports, the use of white vinegar to clean bamboo and wood cutting board, bedroom, is the most environmentally friendly method. Because even non-toxic detergents are still chemical products and are likely to harm the environment. Will not reduce efficiency. Researchers working on drug resistance at the Tufts New England Medical Center in Boston, United States, have confirmed that, like antibiotics, household cleaners are becoming less effective or even ineffective because they may cause some bacteria to develop resistance.

     However, at the same time as using detergents, if you often use white vinegar to clean bamboo wood cutting board, the effect will be much better.