Why Have Wooden Spoons for Cooking?-Wooden Spoons Don’t Conduct Heat Well
30 July 04


Wooden Spoons Don’t Conduct Heat Well

Wooden spoons do not require plastic or rubber handles. Wood is a poor conductor of heat. It will not warm up and burn you. You may be warned not to put a wooden spoon in the pan to prevent the wood from smelling and smelling. And, it may affect the taste of cooking. However, if you do put it in the pan (I keep doing it), it will take a long time for the handle to get hot. How many times did you put the metal spoon in the pot, grab it back, and then burn your hand on the handle?

Bamboo kitchen tools, a great alternative to traditional wooden spoons and other wooden tools. Renewable, durable; and affordable.

This is not to say that wood will never heat up. Eventually they got hot. If you use a gas stove to cook and put a spoon in the pan, the heat around the flame surrounding the pan's edge also heats the handle.