Why Have Wooden Spoons for Cooking?-Wooden spoons are light and strong
30 July 04

At any time, there are at least 4 wooden spoons on my appliance rack. Currently, I have about 7 different shapes and sizes. When I'm cooking, I need a spoon to stir, scrape, or beat, I almost always hold a wooden spoon. The same is true for most chefs. Why is it still a kitchen essential wooden spoon in this metal and plastic era?

Why use them? In my opinion, I will list a few reasons. According to my point of view, making wooden spoons, such as these classic wooden 12-inch kitchen spoons, is still a viable tool in the technological era. Wooden spoons are still a viable tool in the technological era.


Wooden spoons are light and strong

When you look at stainless steel spoons or other utensils, you may find it strange to think of wood as strong. After all, you can break most of the wooden spoons with bare hands. Maybe in your lap. Some metal spoons are difficult to bend. On the other hand, the plastic spoon bends before it breaks. Well, despite the fact that you can break the wooden spoon, the wooden spoon is very strong compared to its weight. Compare the weight of the wooden spoon and the metal spoon. In contrast, wooden spoons are lighter and easier to handle when cooking. The wood in your hand feels good.

Now, because wood is so lightly weighted relative to its power, wooden spoons can have handles of different lengths without becoming double-handed handles. You can handle large cauldrons for long periods of time. Although the handles are long, they are still light compared to metal spoons of the same length. Try using heavy metal spoons instead of wooden risotto. You will understand what I mean.