Why bamboo?
30 July 04

Why advocate use bamboo plates in today's society? In furniture manufacturing and packaging products, handicraft production among the selection of bamboo sheets with what are the advantages? Bamboo sheet processing of what characteristics? To these questions, from the moment our nation's development budget, saving, environment-friendly society policies said.

First selection bamboo plate is a economic practical of select, due to bamboo resources of rich phase more Yu wood resources of lack, makes to bamboo generation wood has major of reality may and major meaning, China bamboo resources is rich, distribution relative concentrated, conducive to concentrated and reasonable development, while bamboo is a best of non-wood quality biological material, like wood non-wood, has good of physical and the mechanical performance, uses widely, can maximum degree Shang replaced wood for processing various products.

Secondly, the degree of utilization of bamboo, bamboo, bamboo shoot, bamboo root and bamboo can be reasonably used, avoiding the waste of resources using bamboo can largely replace wood, plastic material, new material, and so on, because bamboo is a sustainable use of resources, so that you can save a large amount of non-renewable resources and the protection of scarce forest resources.