Why bamboo furniture is low-carbon environmental protection
30 July 04

"Low-carbon" has now become a topic of common concern in all walks of life. Low-carbon, environmental protection, and energy conservation have become common keywords for furniture companies. Bamboo furniture is catering to the trend of low-carbon era and will lead the transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry. .


The theme exhibition “Bamboo Furniture and Bamboo Application” held for the first time at the 23rd Furniture Fair was a great success. The exhibition period and post-show bamboo product orders and technology transfer amounted to nearly RMB 100 million. In order to better promote the application of bamboo in household products, the Dongguan International Furniture Design Institute has set up a "R&D center for bamboo materials application."


Zhou Yu, an associate researcher and master tutor of the Chinese Academy of Forestry, believes that low-carbon life is a topic that is both old and new. Harmony between the ancients and nature is a low-carbon life, but it is caused by the over-expansion of modern industrial civilization. It also made people begin to pay attention to low carbon.


First, what is "low carbon"?


The "low-carbon" theme of the Copenhagen Summit and the completion of the "Shanghai World Expo Zero Carbon Pavilion" have become the focus of attention. Low carbon, low carbon in English means lower and lower carbon dioxide emissions from greenhouse gases. Spread the idea of promoting low-carbon life (low-carbonlife) to the world, and “low-carbon” relates to you and his health.


Second, what is "low-carbon furniture"


Green low-carbon furniture means that the materials used tend to be natural, save energy, contain no harmful substances, release no harmful gases, and are easy to recycle and reuse. The core concept of low-carbon furniture is energy saving, emission reduction, health, and environmental protection. It emphasizes people-oriented, respects life and health, and builds a harmonious society.


Third, the "low-carbon furniture" standard


The first material used in "low-carbon furniture" is environmental protection, and it is best to use natural environmental protection materials. Wood, rattan, and bamboo are the most natural environmental protection materials. However, humans are currently cutting down on the deforestation of wood, causing damage to the ecological environment. In particular, precious woods such as huanghuali and rosewood have become scarce. The furniture made of these materials is precious, but humans should protect it and cherish its existence. Rattan and bamboo are the best natural materials, especially rattan, and are recommended by the UN environmental protection organization as green living room materials.


2, the production process of low carbon


"Low-carbon furniture" in the production process to achieve energy conservation, emission reduction, reduce harmful gas emissions, free of harmful substances. Especially the content of formaldehyde cannot exceed the standard. Some inferior artificial synthetic MDFs have too high formaldehyde content. The furniture produced from this material increases the emission of harmful gases and causes great damage to the environment and human health. At the same time, in the process of large-scale production of furniture, how to improve the technical level, achieve energy conservation, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions will be very important.