Why bamboo products can replace wood products in recent years?
30 July 04

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Nowadays, the society has been paying more and more attention to the green way of life. The excessive deforestation of the forest has made people gradually realize the importance of the forest. Therefore, bamboo products began to appear on the market and began to circulate in large areas. Like many barbecue stalls, bamboo skewers have replaced wooden picks. According to many bamboo string manufacturers, from the beginning of several years ago, bamboo skewers have had very good sales, and basically bamboo skewers have made some profits.

        The reason why bamboo products can be circulated in the market is because it has many advantages. The following will introduce bamboo strings that are common in daily life.

        First of all, bamboo strings are more resilient and have more detailed textures than wooden ones. The bamboo string manufacturers use bamboo to process directly without adding any chemical additives during processing, and the bamboo strings made are delicate and have no health damage to the human body. For barbecues and other occasions, bamboo skewers are not easily broken during use.

        Second, the bamboo string has the characteristics of easy cleaning, no hair removal, and no fading. It is safe and hygienic to use. In particular, as one of the auxiliary materials for food, bamboo skewers have fewer burrs than wooden ones and guarantee the safety of use. And bamboo itself is shiny and does not need to be dyed so as to avoid the problem of discoloration.

        In addition, bamboo strings can be recycled. At present, China's bamboo product recycling industry has begun, and it has become a complete industrial system. Strive for reuse, green and environmental protection.

        The bamboo products represented by bamboo strings have a very good prospect in the future. The problems to be solved at present are to increase the intensity of recycling and expand the occasions for reuse. I believe that in the future, bamboo products can replace wood products, but also a green world.