Why choose bamboo placemats?
30 July 04

Placemats have anti-scald and non-slip functions, which can protect the tabletop of the restaurant. Secondly, the placemats have different shapes and colors. They are also used by people to decorate tabletops, coffee tables, etc. They embellish the monotonous restaurant atmosphere and are essential for the family. , The material of the mat is different:


First, cotton mat,

Advantages: easy to clean, good heat insulation

Placemats made of pure cotton fabric have strong water absorbency, the material is soft and can fit well on the tabletop, effectively control the heat of the cutlery, quickly protect the dining table, and the cotton cloth is easy to clean, and there is no need to worry about troubles such as ball take off. .

Second, linen mat

Advantages: durable pest control, solid wood table partner

As the name suggests, the mat is a mat made of hemp material. The mat of this material is very durable and has a long service life. At the same time, it also has the effect of preventing insects and moths and prolonging the service life of the table.

Three, bamboo placemats

Advantages: best insulation, fully protected

Bamboo placemats have the best heat insulation and fully protect the dining table to prevent high heat from harming the table.


Fourth, paper cloth placemat

Advantages: environmental protection and heat insulation

Very environmentally friendly materials, heat insulation and decorative effects are good, but can not be washed with water.

Fifth, plastic placemat

Advantages: diverse shapes, best decoration

Placemat made of plastic, natural insulation needless to say, the biggest feature is the decoration, this material of the mat is not only flat, but also three-dimensional, cartoons, animals, gadgets ... In short, all the shapes you want .

Sixth, silicone placemat

Advantages: environmental protection, extensive

Silicone placemats are the most used placemats nowadays. They are made of environmentally-friendly materials, with various shapes, heat-insulating effects, practical appearance, and placemats and decorations.