Why is bamboo plate is Green Environmental protection?
30 July 04

The biological characteristics of bamboo and the ecological functions of bamboo give rise to multiple layers of green environmental significance:

1, bamboo originated from natural, non-toxic harmless. Although bamboo products need to use adhesive with a certain amount of formaldehyde in the production process, due to the small amount of glue used, the existing production and processing technologies have completely ensured that the volatilization of formaldehyde can be controlled within the range that does not affect any biological health.

2. During the production and processing of many products, toxic and hazardous substances and carbon dioxide must be directly emitted to pollute the atmosphere or the soil, or consume large amounts of energy, indirectly increase the emissions of toxic and hazardous substances and carbon dioxide, and destroy ecological and environmental protection. The production and processing of bamboo products is purely physical processing such as planing, cutting, and sand. It does not produce chemical reactions, does not emit toxic and hazardous substances, and consumes little power. The process of production and processing does not cause any damage to the environment and ecology.

3. Bamboo has a powerful ecological function. At the same time, according to the growth and reproduction characteristics of bamboo, reasonable bamboo cutting not only does not destroy the ecology, but also benefits its regeneration. The development and utilization of bamboo products will certainly improve the bamboo farmers' love for bamboo and bamboo. The enthusiasm will further promote the artificial cultivation of bamboo forests, change the barren mountains into bamboo seas, and promote the expansion of the bamboo forest area and the increase in the amount of bamboo production, thereby promoting the exertion of the bamboo forest's powerful ecological functions. It will not only develop and utilize bamboo resources for the benefit of mankind, but also maintain water and soil and regulate the climate. Maintain a virtuous cycle of natural ecology.

4. The time for many products to be used is short-lived, and the time spent in nature after use and disposal is several times, several times, or even hundreds of times longer than the use time. Modern industrial production capacity is equivalent to the productivity of human society in the past. Tens of thousands of times, industrial wastes that cannot be freely degraded continue to accumulate on the earth, causing secondary pollution. If they cannot be improved, they will eventually eliminate the beautiful homes of human beings. Bamboo products come from nature and can also be freely degraded under natural conditions without secondary pollution. Substituting bamboo products for plastic products, porcelain products, glass fiber products, etc. to avoid secondary pollution has very important environmental value.

According to the survey, the green characteristics of bamboo are not difficult to understand. In addition, since ancient times, bamboo has always been a very important element of life in the daily life of the people. After thousands of years of development and accumulation, all types of bamboo works have been integrated into the unique classical culture of China and have been given elegant, upright, The connotation of perseverance not only formed a unique "bamboo culture" but also became one of the representatives of the ancient oriental culture. Today, the "bamboo culture" is gradually favored by the majority of ordinary people for its elegant inner cultivation and refined humanistic tastes. In particular, more and more young people are fond of bamboo products.