Why should you choose bamboo cutlery?
30 July 04

     For many people, cutlery is just a common everyday item. But did you notice it? Normally, a group of plastic utensils has a life span of about three months. After three months of scratching, it is easy to release toxins. After two years, cutlery can cost nearly 2,500 yuan or more.


    The bamboo bowl is completely natural and can be used for 3-4 years or even longer.

 Do you know that bamboo is the fastest growing herb on Earth? It is 1/3 faster than normal trees, and some varieties can even grow 30 cm a day.

       The biggest advantage is that it bamboo fiber itself contains antibacterial substances having antibacterial natural persistence, in the natural environment is also possible to achieve 100% natural decomposition, not cause secondary pollution of the Earth.

 It's time to say goodbye to the small plastic cup! The modern and simple lines are accompanied by comfortable and warm earth colors. The natural baby bowl can be easily integrated into the existing tableware at home.

Good cleaning, convenient heating

       Different from bamboo children's tableware, which is usually added with plastic or chemical substances, the all-natural baby bowl is the most heat-resistant children's tableware on the market. It can withstand high temperatures of 140 degrees Celsius and is more durable.