With these beech cutting boards,it's a real Quality of life
30 July 04

With the gradual improvement of people's living standards, everyone began to pay more attention to the quality of life. Among them, kitchen supplies are the focus of everyone's attention. Wooden kitchen utensils give people primitive and fresh cooking space, and they are green and healthy. Good choice.

If you are also a person who pays attention to the quality of life, take a look now. Here are some simple and fresh wood cutting boards, I believe you will love it.


Made from imported black walnut, the whole wood is made without splicing and no paint. The surface treatment is beeswax oil. It is environment-friendly and healthy. The wood is strong and durable. The sculpt is also very interesting. It is a daily practice to cut vegetables and put bread.


imports of eucalyptus wood production, thickness of 2CM, more thick, durable, no splicing, no glue, no paint, environmental protection and safety.


Imported eucalyptus wood breadboard, smooth and unique modeling, or environmental protection without paint, modeling fun and lovely, light and effortless to take, cutting daily panels, chopping vegetables, put the film are very beautiful.


Most kitchens are practical appliances. There are rare delicate objects. This type of breadboard is of moderate size and appearance. There is no paint, the original wooden feel is excellent, and the cost performance is very high. Now.


Alder wood material, natural wood color, clear and natural wood grain, interesting shapes, kitchen bread cutting, fruit cutting, healthy environment protection.


The cutting board produced by the entire eucalyptus wood board is smooth and delicate, with clear and beautiful wood grain, simple and natural, beautiful and smooth design, and can be used as a cutting board, a breadboard, and some daily trays.


how is it? What do you like about these solid wood cutting boards? Did you find your favorite money? If so, hurry to bring it home!