You can't not do know the rubber wood cutting board maintenance method
30 July 04

rubber wood cutting board (3).jpg

The maintenance of the rubber wood cutting board is usually divided into three steps: cleaning, grinding, and oiling. The maintenance time is adjusted according to the frequency of use. Generally, maintenance is performed for 3-4 weeks. What is the specific operation? Next we come to understand the relevant knowledge.

First of all, wash, wash the board with soap and water, carefully scrub off the food residue in the cutting board gap, rinse with plenty of water, immediately after the towel dry, and placed in a ventilated place to continue to dry; then sandpaper Polished, there will be a certain amount of time the use of cutting board more or less there will be dense kitchen knife marks, for cleaning the finished cutting board, to do is to sandpaper, sandpaper mesh need not be too high, you can start slowly from 120 heads Plus, basically get it up to 180 or so.

The last step is oiling. In daily use, it feels that the cutting board is somewhat dry and more and more wood chips indicate the maintenance of the cutting board. In addition, the new cutting board also needs to be oiled. When you are oiling, please don't mention it. Squeeze the paste or oil to a large square. Brush it with a towel or a brown hair brush. Spread evenly and place it in a cool, well-ventilated place.