You do not even care about the cutting board but also talk about what the quality of life
30 July 04

To say that the kitchen is the most important and most inaccessible kitchen utensils, is the cutting board, because every food after it was presented to the table. Unfortunately, many times we neglect the hidden health threats!

According to the Global Health Council (GCH) survey, the number of bacteria hidden on a common chopping board is 200% more than that of a toilet. Under normal circumstances, the use of chopsticks for more than 3 months, there are 200 million bacteria per square centimeter, the bacteria infect the food, it will lead to diarrhea, gastroenteritis and other diseases.

Moreover, moldy cutting board contains a lot of aflatoxin, the World Health Organization to locate a class of carcinogens. Many doctors think that the current high incidence of liver disease and aflatoxin are closely related, and this is only one of millions of bacteria on the chopping board, think about it terrible

Recently, on this hot and humid day, many mothers said cutting boards are easy to change moldy, and I immediately came to the conclusion that the bamboo cutting board was used at home. Last year, a friend recommended to start with a year, both positive and negative no moldy, cut vegetables are easy to use, and super easy to clean, each with a very good mood, it is particularly recommended for everyone.

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