You don't even care about the cutting board. What talk about the quality of life?
30 July 04

If soldiers want to do good things, they must first sharpen their tools. This time, let's talk about the cutting boards that are least visible to the dew.

People who study kitchens must be extremely demanding on chopping boards. Some people say that "choosing the chopping block is the material of choice." This is not unreasonable. In general, pick the chopping block to see these three dimensions: hardness, antibacterial, and convenience.

Hardness: Satisfy the basic requirements of cutting, boring, chopping, filming, etc.; durable without cracking, deformation. However, it is not the harder the better. It is the best choice for both hard and tough.

Antibacterial: not easy to corrupt, not easy to hide bacteria

Convenient: Do not too much trouble with cleaning and maintenance

Alder wood has high hardness, tight wood, clear wood grain, and strong air permeability. It is a good chopping board. Many high-end kitchen utensils all love beech, and traditional furniture is also widely used.