Your home's cutting board may be dirty than the toilet!
30 July 04

Many people often clean the floor, mopping the table and cleaning the floor, and the living room is often cleaned by the bedroom, but it always ignores the hygiene problems in the kitchen. But in reality, the kitchen is an important area that is closely related to our health. The food we eat must be cooked in the kitchen. If the hygiene is not up to standard, people will eat unhealthy food and then there will be many problems. The board is a very serious problem, and the chopping board that is not often processed has a bacterial content that is even higher than the toilet! So how should the cutting board be clean?

【1】Boiling method


The boiling water is a common method. The temperature of the boiling water will cause many bacteria on the cutting board to die, but be aware that if the freshly used cutting board is cleaned with cold water, it will be scalded with boiling water, otherwise the remaining food Dregs may condense on the cutting board under the effect of high temperature and are less likely to be cleaned.

[2] Salting method


As we all know, the bactericidal effect of salt is very good, and it is a kind of food we eat everyday. It is very safe, so we can sprinkle the salt on the cutting board and wash it away for a period of time. This can effectively kill a part of the bacteria. The effect is very good. Okay.

【3】 White vinegar sterilization


We also know that vinegar has a good bactericidal effect, so we can use white vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:10 to wash the cutting board. This can effectively remove the bacteria on the cutting board, and can also remove the residue on the cutting board. The smell of oh ~

【4】Onion ginger detoxification


When we use the cutting board for a period of time, we often smell a lot of messy taste on the cutting board. Especially after cutting meat, we often smell savory and very unpleasant. In fact, we just use ginger in the dish. Repeated rubbing on the plate, you can get rid of the smell of the board well.