a small cutting board - what tricks do you play?
30 July 04

The small cutting board, though mediocre, is very useful.

In this era of face, it decided to find another way

So I played a new trick



Funnel chopping board

I am distorted!

French designer Thomas Merlin's "Edge Board" eliminates the need to cut the vegetables on the cutting board and place them in the bowl to make the kitchen more efficient. When it was picked up, it showed a flat funnel shape with an opening at the bottom to facilitate the dish slipping into the pot from the notch.


Breakfast chopping board

Set breakfast plate, chopping board, seasoning plate, tray, food debris storage tray in one, long good-looking and easy to clean, it is definitely the best choice for home travel promotion to become a petty bourgeoisie

Two-sided oak wood cutting board, cross grain concave cut bread to prevent debris from falling, smooth whole face cut butter, fruit, etc. Efficient and convenient; with sauce plate, can be added butter / cheese / biscuits, with Western-style meal dipping sauce; Join pickles, chutneys, vinegar, etc. to match Chinese-style meals.

Both sides of the labor-saving double support design, the overall removable and clean, more convenient storage convenience