benefits bamboo products
30 July 04

In the late 1980s, in order to avoid homogenized production and not compete with competitors for raw materials, a company took the lead in adopting the new technology of door and window with bamboo wood, which is unique in the industry. They have successfully developed a technology of forming bamboo scraps and fiber hollow slab. The technology has been identified by the authorities as the first of the country, and the experts believe that the original idea of the hollow plate is to have a hollow square, and to use the horizontal pressure method to suppress, and the hollow structure is used in bamboo doors and Windows, to reduce the weight, and to reduce the weight, and the effect of insulation and soundproofing. At the same time, the strength of bamboo is stronger than that of wood, and the design process of hollow structure is adopted to enhance the mechanical strength of the door and window board so that it will not deform.


Bamboo can not only be used in civil buildings, but also can be used as a large engineering building material, which is very different from the traditional bamboo construction. Bamboo is used as building decoration materials for three purposes -- load-bearing materials (such as girders), plates (such as bamboo flooring) and decorative materials (such as bamboo furniture veneers). With these three types of materials, the bamboo tree is equipped with the conditions. People in the building industry believe that the applications of bamboo structural materials will change the materials of the construction tradition, making the bamboo products of the accelerated plant resources into building materials.


Because of the light weight of bamboo, there are more and more bamboo tables and chairs made of bamboo as raw materials. its have the characteristics of natural color, natural color, smooth and smooth, good toughness and abrasion resistance, so they are widely used by the market. Moreover, because of the abundant bamboo resources in China, bamboo has a short time and strong survival ability, which has laid a solid foundation for the extensive promotion of bamboo table and chairs. Under the circumstance that the lumber resources are getting more and more intense, the bamboo table and chair is getting more and more attention, which is called the environmental protection product. The bamboo table and chair have the unique characteristics: the texture is straight, the tone is elegant. Combined with the production process of artificial selection, bamboo furniture size stability, good mechanical strength, durability, derived from the nature, use from natural, no pollution, but also for the bedroom add more cultural taste, deeply domestic and foreign consumers' popularity.