carbonized wood foundation maintenance method
30 July 04

1. Since carbonized wood is treated in a high-temperature environment, the polysaccharide (cellulose) in the wood is pyrolyzed to form monosaccharides, and monosaccharides adhere to the surface of the wood. As time passes, the surface is susceptible to decay and the surface is brown or dark brown. At the same time, carbonized wood does not have a strong ability to absorb bound water, but it has a strong ability to absorb free water. In order to alleviate these phenomena, three coats of paint can be applied to the surface of the charcoal wood;

2. Some substances produced during the carbonization process of charcoal charcoal are harmful and simple precautions should be taken to reduce the risk. The gas produced during the carbonization process has a high carbon monoxide content and it is toxic. Therefore, when working close to a kiln or a pit, and when opening a kiln for unloading charcoal, care must be taken to provide proper ventilation for the emission of carbon monoxide. And carbon monoxide is also produced during the kiln due to the spontaneous combustion of hot charcoal;

3, due to the special nature of the use of outdoor environment, carbonized wood will appear cracks, subtle deformation, is a normal phenomenon, does not affect the structural strength. General outdoor wood protective paint is penetrating, it will form a protective film on the wood fiber, which can effectively prevent water from corroding the wood. Cleaning can be done with general detergents. Tools can be used as brushes. 1 year to about 1.5 years to do a maintenance; with a special wood water-based paint or oil paint brushing can be particularly reminded: workers should wash their hands to eat. When cleaning work clothes, avoid cleaning with other clothes.