cheese board gift set acacia wood platter tray with cheese tool & knife
30 July 04

acacia wood cheese board.jpgacacia board.jpg

GOURMET GIFT SET: Complete with three piece stainless steel cheese knife set with wood handles, an elegant hand-crafted cheese board, and a secret compartment for easy storage. This cheese board set is the perfect gift for a birthday, mother's day, housewarming, Christmas, or for you today É because you deserve it.

100% ACACIA WOOD: Acacia wood is durable, lustrous, easy to clean, and has that beautiful woody aroma you love.

LOVE IT GUARANTEE:If you donÕt love it, you can return for a full refund. While your cheese board is arriving, treat yourself. Pop open that delectable bottle of wine that pairs perfectly with those mouth-watering cheeses.

EASY TO CLEAN: Simply hand wash with warm soapy water. Ensure the board maintains that rich finish by seasoning with a food-safe mineral oil, vegetable oil, or peanut oil.

INSPIRED BY MOM: Do you remember standing on a chair in the kitchen to help Mom cook? Yitchen is like that.If youÕre frustrated by poor quality kitchen tools, youÕll understand why we decided to take on the Ôbig brandsÕ and create the kind of quality kitchen products you can pass on to future generations.