how to choose the right cutting board?
30 July 04

The average life span of a cutting board is actually only 1-2 years. With a long time there will be a lot of bacteria infiltrating into the interior, it is difficult to clean thoroughly, so we often need to change the cutting board, then you know how to choose the right cutting board? In fact, we need four cutting boards for each of us. Let's take a look at four of them.

【1】Wood cutting board


First of all, we need a cutting board for cutting meat, because cutting meat often requires picking, so we should choose a thicker wood cutting board, and wood we try to choose the hard-to-crack of ginkgo, saponins, birch, ironwood or willow, etc. More safe and secure.

[2] bamboo cutting board


The advantage of bamboo cutting boards is that they are not cracked, hard-wearing, hard, tough, etc., and they are light and sanitary to use. And bamboo is cold and has a certain degree of inhibition of bacterial reproduction. Therefore, the bamboo cutting board can be used for cutting vegetables because it is generally thin and cannot be cooked.

【3】Plastic chopping board


Plastic cutting board is suitable for processing some food ingredients, such as sushi, cakes, etc. Dumplings buns are also very suitable for this kind of board, flour is easy to clean, but not suitable for cutting hot food, otherwise the material of the cutting board will be released Some harmful substances.

【4】 soft chopping board


This is really a simple and convenient chopping board, soft and direct roll, is mainly used to cut fruit, many families will use cutting board to cut fruit, do not think the fruit always has the taste of green onion ~ or should have A special board for cutting fruit

In fact, every one of us should prepare such four cutting boards at home so that we can eat healthy and delicious food every day! I hope everyone can go back to the chopping block in their own home and “wash the bath”. Remember to replace the cutting board in time.