skillfully handled new bamboo products
30 July 04

Medium high-grade bamboo furniture,normally made with dry, lacquer, and dry process,and made a special treatment for insects,anti-rot and mold.

But general of bamboo furniture is individual processing, mostly without the above processing. Therefore,the new buy bamboo furniture should be some kind of processing,and then use. 

Otherwise,some bamboo furniture can be easily eaten by insects, or even broken, thereby affecting the service life.


How shall the newly purchased bamboo articles be handled? 

Generally has the following several ways:


1.You can boil it in boiling water for a while, or you can steam it in the bathroom for a few hours.

2. Put the bamboo in the chalk and boil it for two hours, not long enough.

3. Keep the bamboo in the tub with water immersion, add 2 ~ 3% salt water (or base), to soak for a few days.

4. Put the bamboo in 5 to 10% of the zinc oxide solution for three or four hours, also can use 5 ~ 7% sodium fluoride solution, or with chromate salt solution immersion four or five hours of 3-5%.

5. The bamboo can be placed in the sea water for a period of time with a certain condition, so that the effect is optimal.


Bamboo furniture in the use of the process, should be diligent to wash, properly keep, do not put in the sun exposure, otherwise, will cause cracking.