vertical cutting board or horizontal cutting board?
30 July 04

Putting the cutting board flat on the countertop, the bamboo fiber parallel to the table top is cut vertically; the one perpendicular to the table top is cut transversely.

What we call “dishunzi” is usually crosscut, like the ironwood and ginkgo wood above. This type of cutting board has a fiber direction that is parallel to the blade surface, and the cutting edge is continuous with fibers, so it is very resistant to cutting. So you see 100% of the meat shops in the market.

While cutting the cutting board, because the cutting edge is perpendicular to the fiber, the soft wood can easily cut off the fiber, and the hardwood is not easily cut off. Imagine if the double-knife turkey will hit the knife a few thousand times a day, if you use a vertical cutting board, you will need to change the board the next day.