what is called cutting board or chopping board?
30 July 04

cutting board, is mat on the table in order to prevent damage the table when cutting boards. Spoken name is a chopping board.

In the past, the board was mainly made of wood, but it was easy to wear out, and most recently it was cast with plastic. 

In order to avoid improper storage, the cutting board should not be exposed to water and sunlight for a long time. 

It should not place in that ventilation area for a long time, and should be taken back into the room after air dry. You can use a clean cloth to scrub clean, and then use dry rag to keep it in storage.


Chopping block according to the material can be divided into: wood, bamboo, plastic, glass, or high hardness rice husk, etc.

Different cutting boards have their own characteristics, but wooden boards are relatively safer because they are natural and do not add other substances, so they are recommended to use natural wooden boards. 

The cutting board is made of a selection of natural oak or bamboo wood which are soft and hard, not easy to damage the knife, not easy to deform or crack. 

It doesn't produce wood chips; Damp proof and mould proof; Natural sterilization, easy to clean; Tough and thick; Modelling concise, beautiful and easy, durable, is a rare good helper in the kitchen.