what should we do when bamboo products mildew?
30 July 04

What are the bamboo products?

Commodity classes:

Rest, tissue boxes, baskets, toothpicks, drain bowl, chopsticks, chopsticks box, cutting board, bamboo system, cup mat, bamboo charcoal products, curtain, etc.(as we making and selling)


Bamboo handicrafts:

Bamboo slips, bamboo weaving, bamboo root crafts, bamboo carving crafts, bamboo fans, etc.

Furniture categories:

Bamboo or rattan furniture, bamboo sofa, bamboo clothes rack, bamboo computer desk, bamboo bookshelf, bamboo rack, bamboo change-over bench, bamboo furniture, etc.


Building materials classes:

Bamboo tray, bamboo line, bamboo floor, etc.

what should we do when bamboo products mildew?

  1. Wash the moldy products and make sure that the mould is cleaned.

 2. to clean the mold products into the dried under the sun, be sure to dry products, more than not have water, otherwise will be moldy.


 3. The products to be tanned shall be stored well, and stored in a ventilated and dry place.

 4.relative protection to the rain weather, we can't let the field be wet. In many cases, the product has been created by our negligence in our work, so that in order not to cause unnecessary trouble, we should do the job well.