what watch out for with bamboo cutlery?
30 July 04

The biggest advantage of bamboo cutlery is that it is environmentally friendly and green. Bamboo cutlery is made of bamboo. It is exquisitely chic and not only practical, but also has artistic decorative values. It is both practical and artistically decorative at home.


Whether it is bamboo or wooden cutlery, it is made of natural materials. It can also be said to be an organic material. It is not toxic in itself. This is their common advantage.

There are two disadvantages of bamboo cutlery:

First, it is susceptible to microbial contamination;

The second is bamboo-wood cutlery painted on the surface. Although it looks good, it has an adverse effect on our body.

In view of these two shortcomings, when buying bamboo and wooden utensils, it is best not to buy paint on the surface;

In daily use, not only should it be cleaned, but it should also be placed in a ventilated, dry place and regularly disinfected and replaced.