which material of cutting board is good?
30 July 04

Cutting board style in the market with many materials, also let people see spent eyes, don't know what kind of cutting board to guarantee their safety and health, and then we take a look at the pros and cons of plastic, wood, bamboo cutting board.


Board - plastic material.

Plastic cutting board is not resistant to high temperature, hot cut on top, it is easy to deformation. It's not good for oily food, it's not easy to clean. Moreover, plastic boards are made of polypropylene, polyethylene, etc., and some of them contain lead, cadmium and other plasticizers, which can be used for a long time and even have the risk of cancer. And some of the plastic board with coarse texture, it is easy to cut to the end, as the food enters the body, to the liver, kidney cause injury, damage human health.


Chopping board - wood material.

Wooden cutting board is generally used to chop meat or cut up some solid food, because the material is very thick, some wood is tenacious, some poor toughness, either in the process of use, easy to chop wood slag, mixing in the meat dishes to eat into the body, health in the long term. Wood board is used for a long time, easy to have cut mark to accumulate dirt, not easy to clean, and some wood, like poplar itself is easy to crack, again and again use, more easily breed bacterium. Because of the strong water absorption of wooden board, it is not easy to dry. If it is long in humidity, it is easy to mold and cause intestinal diseases. Wooden planks are best soaked in vegetable oil for 2 hours before use, so it is not easy to crack. When buying board, must choose density big wood, white fruit wood, saphenous wood, birch or willow is made of vegetable board is better.


Vegetable plate - bamboo material.

Qualified bamboo cutting board should be produced by natural plants, bamboo, due to the easily dried bamboo cutting board, is not easy to mildew, not easy to have peculiar smell, the material is relatively strong and not easy to crack and slag, is convenient to clean and is a good choice. In the United States and China, bamboo boards are best used for cutting vegetables or fruits, because they are not thick enough to withstand heavy blows, and chopping meat is not suitable.


Now the health is too important, these three kinds of chopping board are compared, the bamboo chopping board is relatively safe, the bamboo itself has the function of sterilization and antibacterial, the bacteria breeding is less, the bamboo system toughness and the hardness is better, now has the thick bamboo board, the density is big, the toughness is good. With the development of science and technology, the hardness and toughness of bamboo is assured.