why does bamboo product industries develop strong momentum, with remarkable success?
30 July 04

  1. The resources of the bamboo forests are expanding, and our country is at the center of the bamboo distribution in the world, which has 538.1 million hectares of bamboo. And in recent years it has been increasing at the rate of 100,000 hectares per year, And the amount of bamboo per acre has increased dramatically. It has laid a strong foundation for the development of the bamboo industry.


  2. The industrial benefit is further improved. Nowadays, bamboo products are related to traditional bamboo products (daily necessities, handicrafts), bamboo wood-based panels, bamboo pulp papermaking, bamboo fiber products, bamboo charcoal and bamboo vinegar liquid, bamboo shoots processed products, bamboo leaf extract and other 10 kinds, thousands of varieties, application fields have been developed into construction, papermaking, new materials, furniture, packaging, transportation, medicine, food, textile, tourism, etc.

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  3. Technological development and innovation are enhanced. With the increasing of technology researching in the high bamboo forest cultivation and management technology of China, bamboo veneer, bamboo materials, bamboo furniture, bamboo food, bamboo drink, bamboo product researching and development technology such as bamboo charcoal, bamboo fiber, bamboo product quality and technical standard system construction has achieved breakthrough progress. Application of scientific and technological achievements of China, processing and bamboo products depth played an important role.

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  4. Internet electronic marketing is a new way for the bamboo products industry to be reinvented. The openness, free sex and sharing of the Internet, together with the rapid development of e-commerce, have injected fresh blood into the bamboo industry, and the bamboo industry can seek greater development opportunities in Internet e-commerce.