world record-bamboo record
30 July 04

Today we will show you a world record of bamboo.


First,The largest bamboo giant dragon bamboo (Dragonfoot bamboo) is the largest bamboo in the world. Its stalk height can reach 30m and its diameter can reach 30cm. It is distributed in the Xishuangbanna area of Yunnan Province and the hot area of southwestern Yunnan Province. It was born in the valley of the dam area of 600 to 1000 meters above sea level.

Second, the smallest bamboo Philippine bamboo, one of the world's smallest bamboo, stalk height is generally 10 ~ 30cm, green leaves and a clear white or light yellow stripes, for excellent greening the surface. Bamboo stalk dwarf bamboo is also Philippine yellow bamboo, bamboo paving, bamboo, bamboo yellow diamond, suitable for lawn or potted plants.

Third, the largest bamboo bamboo bamboo bamboo, also known as bamboo, large scattered bamboo species, stalk up to 20m, diameter 18cm. For our country's main bamboo shoots and wood species. It is located in the areas south of the Hanshui River basin in the Qinling Mountains and covers an area of 3 million hm2, accounting for 70% of the total area of China's bamboo forests. It is the largest and most widely distributed economic bamboo species in China.

Fourth, colorful bamboo bamboo white pattern yin and yang, stalk height 1.5 ~ 2m, diameter 1 ~ 2cm. The leaves are large, with wide yellow stripes between the green, very eye-catching and extremely ornamental. In addition, Philippine bamboo, Philippine yellow bamboo, yellow diamond bamboo is also an excellent colorful leaf bamboo.

Fifth, the square bamboo bamboo, stalk high 3 ~ 8m, diameter 1 ~ 4cm. The base stalk is square. The culm below and round, is the world famous ornamental bamboo species.

Sixth, black bamboo bamboo, stalk high 4 ~ 10m, diameter 2 ~ 5cm. In Hsinchu green, black spots gradually appear in the fall and winter of that year, after which the whole culm becomes purple-black. Bamboo for excellent viewing and crafting.