you still use wood cutting board chopping vegetables in home kitchen
30 July 04

Antibacterial home cutting board classification tool set a large cutting board and a small cutting board, you can cut vegetables and fruits separately from the meat, while supporting a set of 5 [2 cutting board +2 ceramic knife +1 ceramic planer]


Category Plastic Chopping Board Set This category includes a total of four cutting board set cutting board, is divided into fruits and vegetables, seafood, raw meat and cooked food, healthy flavor. Solid base, easy to store, as well as turret.

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Category chopping board This is also cutting the ingredients classification, non-absorbent material to prevent moldy green.


Anti-mold antibacterial plastic classification Cutting board 1.PP Food-grade materials, baby food-specific, mother must. 2. Classification Cutting board fresh and cooked separately cut open a new era kitchen.


Left home right plastic kitchen classification board sticky board chopping board non-slip mildew plastic thickening cutting board set supporting three cutting board, a single cutting board 32 * 20 cm, thickness of 8 mm, environmentally friendly and durable.


Household cutting board Non-slip fruit cutting board Kneading panel Kitchen Clear plastic classification Cutting board Chopping board Transparent environment-friendly material, can be used for cutting raw food, cooked food, fruits and vegetables, brightly sorted to avoid cross-bacteria transmission, cleanliness.


Nachuan classification chopping board environmental protection plank kitchen thickening cutting board plastic rolling panel rectangular cutting board PE material, three-color collocation, classification distinct. Easy to bend without distortion.