5 Great Magical Application Of Bamboo In The Field Of Survival
30 July 04

5 Great Magical Application of Bamboo in the Field of Survival


In outdoor survival, in addition to the use of common equipment such as tents, saber, and so on, many small items also have a well-known large-use. Among them, bamboo is a kind of outdoor survival small weapon. If you can master the various ways of using bamboo, in the field activities will benefit.


Fire: Bamboo skin contains oily, especially flammable. The magical effect of bamboo in the wild when the rain can not find the dry kindling, bamboo surface water wipe dry, with a knife to scrape the bamboo epidermis into fine silk, as a kindling, good results.


Bottled water: Everyone should have eaten bamboo tube rice? Since bamboo can be used for cooking, we can also use it for water when outdoors. The larger diameter bamboo is chopped into 1.5-2 meters of bamboo, with a sharpened long wooden stick to the bamboo sticks to wear, become a water spoon (or spoon). This type of bamboo tube is suitable for fetching water when the camp is far apart from the water source. Smaller bamboo can also be used to make small water containers, with plug, Portable.


Bundle things: Southern children's shoes on bamboo hanging chairs, hats, basket bamboo products should not be too unfamiliar. In fact, these items are woven from a root bamboo. For the use of such uses, we can also choose not too old bamboo, the resilient bamboo epidermis, according to the need to cut into the appropriate thickness of bamboo, can be used to bind objects. A strand of bamboo that is woven from many strands of bamboo, which can be used to climb a cliff.


To do bed, damp places to sleep, can chop some coarse bamboo, cut it into two meters long bamboo, with machetes in each bamboo knot cut bamboo knot to break. Cut should pay attention to each knot of the knife seam do not in the same line, each bamboo knot is chopped, with a knife from the side of the bamboo tube to cut open the bamboo tube, to step on the pressure can get a raft. 2-3 pieces of raft (depending on the size of the bamboo) can be paved into a single bed. If the use of bamboo is not strong, with a number of small bamboo root, one by one to pave, with Tengzigou or bamboo lashing firmly can also be made into the bed.


Bamboo rafts: Bamboo rafts play an important role in wilderness survival, bamboo rafts can be used as means of transport, down the river, and speed to save energy; bamboo rafts can be used as a tool to help you reach your destination, and bamboo rafts can serve as a fishing tool. In the case of choice, as far as possible to choose winter bamboo, cut down after the bamboo with chopper cut into the appropriate length, and then select three or four strong and thin bamboo, as the supporting structure of the raft. Then, the bamboo neatly arranged on the flat floor, lined up with ropes to secure the bracket and bamboo, a simple raft is made.

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