A Small Trick Of Cutting Onions Without Tears With A Bamboo Board
30 July 04

bamboo cutting board  (6).jpg

In everyday life, whenever we cut an onion on a plastic cutting board, my eyes were constantly irritated by the evaporation of onions. So what is there to do when cutting an onion on a bamboo cutting board? Let the wholesale of the cutting board give you a coup.

     1, can put a spoonful of salt on the bamboo cutting board, cut the onion, it will not be hot eyes.

     2. Put a bowl of cold water alive or soak the knife in water for a moment to reduce the affected eyes.

     3. Cut the onion from the bamboo cutting board, soak it in cold water, and do not cry when it is cut.

     4, can put the bamboo cutting board under the faucet, cutting the onion enzyme molecules will melt in the water loss, can prevent the eyes were affected by hot and sour.

     These are the ways to cut the onions on the bamboo cutting board without tears. Did everyone learn it? Try cutting these onions next time. I believe it will be useful.