Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bamboo Cutting Board
30 July 04

Cooking process, a very important part of the food is cut, and cut the food when the most inseparable from the tools, in addition to the knife, of course, is an anvil. Do not underestimate this flat often a board, it inside the "doorway" really a lot of it! Not only that, for the choice of cutting board, not only related to the health of the whole family, but also related to the important concept of environmental protection, is really "can not be overlooked" ah! Take a look!

Compared with the wood cutting board, bamboo cutting board, although the same as natural materials, but relative to the wood is more environmentally friendly, while the shape of bamboo cutting board relative to the wood is also more beautiful and tidy.

Bamboo cutting board shortcomings is the original material (bamboo) thickness is limited, so only the use of compression method: first with glue will stick together after the bamboo, and then press them tightly pressed together. This will be made of finished products will be more cracks, easy to breed bacteria, improper processing methods or improper use, then bamboo will be tilted in all directions, affecting the use. At the same time, bamboo chopping board is relatively hard, cut vegetables more "fee knife"; if the quality of bamboo is not good enough, cutting board is also easy to "fall off", affecting the production of dishes. Cleaning and maintenance, you can use boiling water, wash as soon as possible after drying, try to avoid cleaning agents to clean.