Automatic Drainage Dish Rack, So That Dishes More Clean!
30 July 04

Almost every kitchen which has a Dish Rack, Lishui price is that we clean the bowl after the water on the above things, it is easy to use, to bring a lot of people's lives in the domestic filter and There is a big gap between the price of the brand, and many people in the purchase of Lishui prices do not know what brand is good, the following Xiaobian to explain it to the brand it!

The general Dish Rack is a simple hollow shelf, the water on the plate will drop to the desktop, although it can also play the role of dry control, but the drop of water droplets will make the desktop look very unclean. Xiao Bian found a dish rack can make water automatically flow to the sink.

Joseph Joseph, founded by the two brothers has been committed to the kitchen and tableware products, the Arena automatic drainage rack is its representative design. The Dish Rack is different from the other, its interior is a pipelined system, the brush of the dishes in accordance with the grid which, the water can leak out of these lattice from a small slope outflow, the flow out on Sink edge, you can avoid the water stains on the desktop.

The Dish Rack has plenty of room for any kitchenware, and the utensils do not produce friction with each other, and each block is fixed. This shelf has green, white green, gray four colors available, priced at 622 yuan.