Classification Of Household Cutting Board
30 July 04

Household chopping blocks can be divided into two kinds of wood cutting board and plastic cutting board. To wood cutting board, it can be subdivided into two kinds of hardwood and softwood species, which according to the wood texture and roughness to determine the texture of the cutting board, so there are cross-cutting (anvil anvil) and straight cut (cutting board board Pattern) of the points, regardless of the Chinese and foreign regions, most of the families will use this material natural wood cutting board, in addition to the traditional, habitually also take it to do a vegetable when the real feeling. As for the lighter weight of the plastic cutting board, because of high density of gum, it is very hard; rubber cutting board larger flexibility, for the kitchen knife to provide a protective effect, coupled with easy cleaning, and antibacterial, heat, corrosion Function, many new families like to adopt.

Xian wood cutting board is hardwood, color with brown. As the trunk of the tree is thick, the longer the tree age, the greater the trunk, the average tree trunk cross section can cut more than five pieces of cutting board. The wooden wood is very hard, used to cut bones or meat, the cutting board is not easy to burst, and rarely produce wood chips, the most durable. A good constitutional wood cutting board should be more heavy, darker wood and wood clear and clear.

The chopping board does not have to be used in the constitution, depending on your personal use