Classify Bamboo Drawer Organizer
30 July 04

As bamboo drawer organizer is more and more popular in kitchenware  and houseware market for its eco friendliness and flexiblity, do you know how to classify them in thousands of drawer organizer in the market, then select one for your kitchen?

Normally, we sort bamboo drawer organizer in expandable one and unexpandable one. As you can see in the market, almost 99% of the bamboo drawer organizers are expandable ones, if fits better and is more flexible, if your drawer is much more larger or wider, you can spread it up to the utmost. If your drawer is not that wider, you just keep it unexpanded.

Besides sorting it with expdandable and unexpandable ones, you can also classify them into different quantities of compartments inside the drawer organizer.

Also we can take them those with removable dividers or not.

bamboo drawer organizer

expandable bamboo drawer organizer

drawer organizer

with dividers