Cutting Board Maintenance
30 July 04

When choosing bamboo cutting boards, do not buy that kind of special white color, it is best to smell the smell of the cutting board, if you have sour taste, probably to sulphur bleached, or glue, bonding glues containing harmful substances. Best choice for glue-free, completely bolt tightening process or the entire bamboo bamboo cutting board. With nubby texture; and hard to fake.

Even with a bamboo cutting board, after cutting out food every day, it's best to cutting board, sterilising, you can use the following methods: method of laundering. Scrub with a stiff brush and water cutting board, then scalded with boiling water, drying in the Sun, no resting place for bacteria; scraper salt leaching method. Every time using my cutting board (especially after you chop the meat) and scrape the surface of the food, juice, wash with clean water, then add the salt water (concentration of about 15%), soaked for 2 hours, then take out air, which can kill bacteria, can also prevent cutting board dry. Is in need of attention, if it's glued bamboo cutting board, best not to cook in the hot water, so as to avoid cutting board split.