Description Of The Characteristics Of The Dish Rack
30 July 04

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, our quality of life requirements are getting higher and higher, living in the home items also will be more up, especially the kitchen supplies this one, a lot of friends for the bowl Dish Rack Put very distress, and sometimes find it is also very troublesome, then the dish rack can help us solve this trouble, the following we come together to understand the installation steps and the price of the bar and bar it.

As the name suggests is the kitchen utensils, Dish Rack and other shelves, most of the Dish Rack are made of stainless steel, the kitchen Dish Rack placed in the above, so that we use and find. And can dry the water on the Dish Rack, so there will be no water accumulation. So what about the convenience of the installation of the Dish Rack? What is its price? Here we take a look at it

The characteristics of the Dish Rack

1, the use of the upper and lower Dish Rack is a double-layer design, the upper can put a dozen plates, sink can put 20-30 bowl.

2, the toilet bowl drawer-type drain design, you can drain out the water can be drained directly, and very easy to clean, and the material used is made of PP material, there will be no harm to the material, so clean The request.

3, some of the Dish Rack are also designed to have hanging chopsticks tube, you can easily remove the bottom of the cleaning of the hole in the small hole design, you can store a family of chopsticks, so that refused to bacterial residues.

4, whether it is thick square or thick circular chopping board, can be placed on the bowl above, and thicker cutting board on the top will not fall. Is used inside the centripetal force design, to ensure uniform reception of the Dish Rack.

5, the lower side of the cage design, using the two sides surrounded by love fence, you can easily accommodate two bowls, to meet the needs of a family.

6, environmentally friendly PP material made of anti-skid pad not only can prevent the scaffold scratched the table, more isolated from the table of water stains, increasing the stability of the Dish Rack.