Focus On News - Export Goods Not Affixed To The Label Of Origin Can Not Be Cleared
30 July 04

At present, foreign customs inspection of the packaging of origin on the label of goods has become more and more stringent.

The U.S. Customs has taken a number of measures including the return and seizure of products that do not have a place of origin mark, and many enterprises have suffered huge losses.

Because according to the US Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSIA), all consumer goods exported to the United States require a traceability label, in addition to the label "MADE IN CHINA", but also need to mark the specific place of origin and lot number to be separated from other products, the problem can be Traceability trace.

Not only does the United States require a place of origin identification on the package of goods, but similar requirements are also applied in the EU, the Middle East, South America and other regions. Some countries also require that the packaging of the goods and the inner packaging have a mark indicating the place of origin.

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